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CW Morse Code Training

The Charter Oak Radio Society is looking for people who are interested in learning Morse code.  If you are interested in learning Morse Code please contact one of the instructors from the contact page.

Here is the class abbreviated syllabus,

CW Class Syllabus

First Class:  An introduction to Morse Code, class goals, what to expect, apparatus for transmission and course overview.

Course Topics by Week:

Week 1: ETIMAN

Week 2: SOUK.

Week 3: RDWG?

Week 4: JQCV,

Week 5: BPFH/

Week 6: LYXZ

Week 7: Numbers 1-5 and 6-0

Week 8: Practice all characters

Week 9: Practice QSOs, Final “exam”

Week 10: Practice QSOs, Final “exam”

Materials: What you  will need to to the first class, bring paper and writing utensil.  If you do not own a Smartphone, but do own a tablet device, please bring it with you Week 1 to install a CW practice app.


A key and keyer is NOT required but please feel free to bring one with you!

For those hams interested in the code practice the ARRL send out, please go to the ARRL W1AW web site at the following link to view their operating schedule.

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